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View of the entire exterior of 0 Marlborough, taken from Public Garden across Arlington St. with a food truck parked out front. Constructed in 1930, Zero Marlborough is an historic art deco building that served as a dormitory and dining hall for…

View of the Public Garden and the eastern end of Beacon Street through an upper floor window within the residence hall at 100 Beacon Street. In 1960, Emerson College sold 373 Commonwealth Ave. and acquired 100 Beacon. Emerson remodeled the c1924…

13 Pemberton Square - Exterior (c.1885) #84784.jpg
Photograph of the exterior of 13 Pemberton Square, a building purchased by Emerson College.

Originally built as private residences, 130 Beacon was part of a group of Back Bay buildings held by Emerson College. The college purchased 130 Beacon in 1933 to house administrative offices and classrooms. It became the flagship building of Emeron's…

In 1964, 132-134 Beacon St. was purchased for use as a dormitory.


In 1961, Emerson College purchased 150 Beacon Street. The building included dormitory space, a dining hall, and administrative offices. Pictured: Exterior of the building circa 1963

In an effort to relocate the campus, the Board of Trustees approved the purchase of 180 Tremont Street to house classrooms and administrative offices. Now known as the Ansin building, 180 Tremont would become the flagship building of the Campus on…

In 1997, Emerson purchased 216 Tremont Street, the old Union Bank Building, to house the Robbins Clinic, Thayer Nursery, classrooms and offices. The Bill Bordy Theater and Auditorium is used for lectures, performances, performance classes and special…

In 1927, Emerson College of Oratory purchased its first piece of real estate at 373 Commonwealth Ave. It would be known as Emerson College Residence. For Emerson students, the new address replaced five rented dormitory buildings. The six-story stone…

Built in 1849, the building at 96 Beacon Street served as Emerson's student union from 1964 until 2006 and was used for small gatherings, rehearsals and other events. Pictured: A B&W photo of building's front fascade with students on the front…
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