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"The Wall"

A popular landmark outside Emerson's former Beacon Street campus, "The Wall," served as the unofficial campus center. Emersonians would meet up with friends and share community news at this brownstone space. In 2015, "The Wall" was reinterpreted in the CoLab of the Iwasaki Library in celebration of Alumni Weekend and memories were collected. Check them out below!

"[I remember the] Storrow drive sign at corner of Berkeley and Beacon falling off [the] pole and hitting students on [the] head! [This happened] during rush hour no less [and barely] missed the Canteen truck and vendor, Frank, who owned the truck!"     1985 Memory by Maria, EC Alum

"Moving the WERS transmitter signal from 130 Beacon Street to the Prudential Building."     1972 Memory by Howard, EC Alum

"From 1961-1965, I commuted to Emerson College from the South Shore: walked to a trolley, transferred to a train; transferred to another trolley; then walked to one of the Beacon Street buildings to Emerson for class! Imagine my surprise when, during a Boston snowstorm, after commuting to Emerson, upon my arrival learning classes had been canceled. My warmest memories are of the teachers [who] shared their passion and love for their subject imparting their knowledge so easily to us! Especially Haig der Marderosian, Ken Crannell, June 'Mama' Mitchell, Bernadette MacPherson imparted their joy to us. Many days after class I walked across the Garden and Common to my job at 80 Bolyston Street, the Little Building! Working with Haig on the debate team was a fabulous training for Life!"     Memories by Suzie, EC '65 Alum

"I thoroughly enjoyed hanging at the wall  where we were campaigning to change the world. The wall is so memorable where we could out between classes -meet friends, eat lunch, and cut classes in nice days. As a commuting student, I would either feed the parking meter or move my car."      Memory by Malcolm, EC '70 Alum